社員旅行 in ディズニーホテル

Company outing “Kick off party” at Tokyo Disney resort hotel

テーマは“Bon Voyage”(どうぞ良い旅を!!)

Their theme was “Bon Voyage”. We set the theme as follow;
“all the employees go on a voyage trip on the same ship, but on their way, there are intense storms and horrible pirates show up ...
Can we survive this difficulty?”
Employees enjoyed full service of party, and activities.

イベントタイトル キックオフパーティ in ディズニーホテル
ゲスト 1000人
使用会場 千葉/ディズニーアンバサダーホテル&舞浜アンフィシアター
Event Title “Kick off” party in Disney resort
Guest 1000 peple
Venue Disney Ambassador hotel at Tokyo Disney resort & Maihama Amphi Theatre, Chiba prefecture



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